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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

General Policies

Registration Cancellation
If you find it necessary to cancel your registration, it may be requested within 10 calendar days of the program’s listed Start Date. Please contact the registration office immediately at, filing a support ticket online, or  301.569.2714.

Course Cancellations
KVT Training LLC reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet minimum enrollment levels or for other good causes. Students will be notified of these cancellations prior to the first class date and will be offered a full refund or transfer to another class.

Certificates of Completion
Certificates of Completion are awarded upon completion of most non-credit courses/programs. Individual participants will receive a certificate suitable for framing. The certificate indicates only that the individual met the attendance requirements for the program.

Changes to Program Offerings
KVT Training LLC reserves the right to modify or cancel programs and substitute presenters without notice at KVT Training’s own discretion.

Confirmation of Registration
Your class reservation is confirmed by payment of a fee. You must include an email address in your online registration account or on your registration form in order to receive an automatic confirmation email when the registration has been processed. Please be sure to mark your class information on your calendar. You will be notified only if your class has been canceled or is already filled.

Continuing Education Units
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are a nationally recognized means of recording non-credit studies. Many employers and re-licensure agencies accept them as evidence of your serious commitment to career advancement and the maintenance of professional competence. One CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of satisfactory participation in an organized continuing education experience, under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

All programs are copyrighted; therefore video, audio, and/or photographic recordings are not permitted. Materials distributed as a part of any program entitle the user to reference the materials, but not reproduce, distribute, or store them electronically, photographically, video graphically, digitally, or by any other means.

Course offerings at KVT Trainings LLC or its third parties do not constitute an offer for a contract between KVT Trainings LLC and others. KVT Training LLC reserves the right to change any provisions, offerings, or requirements at any time in order to provide better service in the interest of KVT Training LLC and its students. KVT Training LLC further reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw when it considers such action to be appropriate. Students are responsible for understanding public announcements regarding changes.

Software Licensing
All software used in the presentation of our programs has been licensed to KVT Training LLC for its exclusive use in an educational setting. Program participants are prohibited from copying, transmitting, or otherwise moving the software in any form.

As of July 1, 2010, smoking, tobacco use, and tobacco sales (including the use or sales of smokeless tobacco products) are prohibited on organization-owned, operated, or leased property.

Tax Deduction for Educational Expenses
Program fees and expenses for professional development purposes (including travel, meals, and lodging) paid to maintain and improve professional skills may be tax deductible. Customized Workforce Education recommends that you seek the advice of the IRS or a qualified tax advisor to determine your individual status.

A transfer will be given to any student/company if notification is given before 30% of the course is completed. It’s understood when students show interest in another course more than their current one. Only one transfer is allowed per student. Any accommodations beyond one transfer are up to the discretion of KVT Training LLC.

You may transfer from one program to another within 21 days following your registration date. There is a transfer fee of $125, plus any applicable taxes if the transfer takes place after the first 10 calendar days of the program’s listed Start Date. If the program to which you wish to transfer costs less than the original program, you shall be credited the difference, minus the transfer fee. If the program to which you wish to transfer costs more than the original program, you will be charged the difference, plus the transfer fee and any applicable taxes. View additional transfer details in the Student Enrollment Agreement.

Refund Policy

For refunds requested within 10 calendar days of the program’s listed Start Date, 100% of the tuition amount shall be refunded, provided no more than 30% of the program has been completed and all course materials are returned in as-new condition within 10 days to the educational vendor at the student’s expense. No refunds shall be available after the 10 calendar days of the listed Start Date unless written justification is received from the student within the original access period of the student’s program, and complaints are found to be valid based on the educational vendor’s investigation. The student must email refund requests directly to the educational vendor providing the program. View additional refund details in the Student Enrollment Agreement.

For courses that provide course materials prior to the first class date, a $500 administrative fee will be charged. This is the basis as to why any deposits are nonrefundable and what they go toward.

Partial payments made classes are NON-Refundable after the start of class.

If you paid online, an approved refund request will be refunded in 7-10 business days.

Students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons pursuant to the Adult Student Code of Conduct are not entitled to a refund of any tuition and fees.

When a student’s fees are subsidized by an agency and the student withdraws, the agency can submit a written request for a refund only if the student’s hours of attendance are less than 50% of the course’s scheduled hours.

Attendance Policy

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion or Continuing Education Units (CEUs), students must attend 75% of the scheduled classes and meet the evaluation criteria set by the course instructor.

No Show
A no-call, no-show is an absence from the 3 consecutive lab weeks without notifying your lab assistant or the KVT Training staff.  Refunds or transfers will not be allowed for anyone registered for a class and who does not show or attend.


As a student, you will be treated as a professional, which means that you will be expected to complete your work on time and at the expected level of quality. In return for being treated as a professional, we expect you to behave as one and not to abuse these privileges.

Even though you will be treated as a professional and will presumably behave as one, general absence guidelines are nevertheless necessary to ensure that we are able to conduct business in a predictable manner. Although we are not interested in monitoring your comings and goings, we need to know, in advance where possible, when you will be absent from class and lab. Here are those guidelines:


Students are expected to be in lab when the module calls for it, except for authorized absences. Authorized absences include the following:

Notification procedure

To obtain an authorized absence, submit a ticket for approval, when possible, and let the appropriate person know that you are unable to come to the labs.

As for notifying someone that you will be late to a lab or will be leaving early in the event your work has been completed, we ask that you use your best judgment. If you know someone is likely to need to know that you will be coming in late or leaving early, you should call that person and let him or her know.

Failure to notify

If you don’t come to a lab and don’t call in, at some point (3 weeks of consecutive labs missed) we have the right to determine that you’re not coming back. Thus, our rule is that unauthorized absences of three or more consecutive weeks without notice will be considered voluntary student dismissal, and we will remove you from the class. A readmission fee may be accessed to return.

If you are repeatedly absent without authorization, you could be subject to counseling, suspension, and dismissal.

Inclement weather

During inclement weather, you should call to find out whether to report to a lab. Also, while the weather may be nice where you are, hazardous weather conditions could exist at or near the school. If you know hazardous conditions have been reported in the area, protect yourself and call the school first.

Financial Progress

Payment Policy & Forms of Payment
Full payment is required at the time of registration for individuals enrolling for participation in a course. The majority of our course fees include instructional materials and the use of related facilities during the period established for instruction. Occasionally, students will be advised to purchase their book(s) or other materials in advance.

KVT Training will not be liable for unusable or non-refundable expenses incurred in anticipation of participation in a program that is canceled for any reason. Payment for individual registrations may be made by personal or company check, money order, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted), cash, or by submitting a request for third-party authorization (Bill-to-company). A third-party authorization must be approved by an authorized representative of the company (wioa, and etc).

If full payment is not submitted prior to the enrollment date, then payment arrangements must be made through any third party available. If the student misses two scheduled payments then a resulting removal and or probation may be approved to allow the student to pay for the classes before continuing. 

Registration & Program Availability
Registration in any program may be made via the instructions outlined in the Registration section of this website. As registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage registering early. Because most programs are maintained with strict census limitations, wait lists will be established for programs that exceed capacity. All space is subject to availability. Our online registration system enables students to add themselves to waiting lists. For questions, please contact the admissions and registration office at 301.569.2714.

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