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What we offer

HVAC Learning

The scope of the HVACR industry is huge with many specialized career paths to follow.  Before you follow a specific path, it is very important that you are first set in a solid knowledge foundation!  Ask any employer and they will confirm how important the foundation knowledge is for ongoing success.  Once that foundation is laid there is no limit to what you can achieve.  With our extensive program we can take you from zero all the way up into many specialized advanced career tracks.

Our hybrid HVAC Training Courses and Programs offer the quickest and most convenient manner of Refrigeration and HVAC/R training available to the busy adults. We provide career advice, training, and continued support throughout your career driven from professional HVAC/R and Refrigeration Educators.

Hybrid Courses

Hands On Experience

Powerful Program

+ VR Learning

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Student expectations

What we deliver

Our program is tailored to accommodate the different learning styles students have. Our approach to hybrid learning is unquie in that we provide a 3 facet program.
1. Allows the student traditional instruction with slides and an instructor. 2. Allows the student to engage on a modern level through virtual reality and work on any machine any any time in any place. 3. The student gets hands on experience with top of the line industry equipment and tools. We are HVACR Technician advocates with our total focus on helping you succeed in your career!  As you take our training, you will find we explain in detail and in a way that works for you.

  If you need additional assistance, we have a world-class faculty ready to help.  Online learning and support have many advantages; On your schedule, no travel, open for you 24/7/365, available anywhere you can connect, able to review multiple times until you get it, not just once and done.  We exercise our student’s understanding and then assess them to make sure they have got it. 

We provide our program to a wide range of clients from individuals. We utilize a curriculum that’s used in National & Global organizations.  Over the years the curriculum has received National awards and has been accredited by several 3rd party accrediting bodies.  The real accomplishment is the thousands of learners that have come through the learning portals, started a new direction into the world of HVAC, and then continue to come back as they climb higher in their careers.

Our team is here to make your learning experience worthwhile and rewarding as you move up the ladder of your career. Train to be job-ready in weeks, not years. We are incorporating in the online, on-demand skilled trades training catalog featuring VR and 3D Simulations.

Online, on-demand skilled trades training


Train to be job ready in weeks, not years.
The world is going digital, so should your classroom.

Why should you be Nate Certified? Because certifications helps techs seal the deal. Much like educational degrees, HVAC certifications show proficiency and expertise.

Certifications are important because they show that technicians have done their due diligence in learning the trade to pass the exams.

More on NATE Certificaitons

The World’s First Online, On-Demand Skilled Trades Training Catalog Featuring VR and 3D Simulations.

Our courses are broken down into videos (video_camera_front) or sims (view_in_ar) for easy bite-size lessons you can do at anytime.

The courses show the estimated time (schedule) it takes to complete all the lessons.

Virtual learning is in high demand, but for skilled trades students, this poses a unique challenge. In an industry where real-world equipment is needed and hands-on training is preferred, instructors are struggling to supplement in-the-field training for remote teaching. 

We use a leading global provider of online, on-demand skilled trades training designed to bring field-like training to your online classroom. Lifelike 3D and VR simulation models give you the reassurance your students are digitally training for real-world jobs.

Training expectations

Course Workflow

The first group of courses make up the Ready To Work Program and includes all the basics of beginning a career in HVAC. Successfully completing this online HVAC Nate Certification program with a grade of 70% or more provides you with your OSHA 10 hour safety card (included); prepares and provides you with your first NATE Ready-to-Work (RTW) Certificate Exam (included). This exam is not a proctored exam; and is optional. You can take the RTW exam on the NATE web site (it comes with a PDF study guide) right from your own computer.

But this series doesn’t end there – we’re just getting started – When you choose to continue into Step 2, it will train you for the NATE CORE knowledge areas, including the needed fundamentals. You have access to a Service Core Review and 30 days access to TekAssist again, where you can practice reading and responding to hundreds of exam questions for a full month or until you have the confidence to schedule your NATE Core exam at the service level. A voucher code, good for (1) exam, will be provided to you and is included in your online HVAC Nate Certification program. You can take the NATE Core exam on the NATE web site. NATE’s Live Online Proctored Exams give you the opportunity to take your exam from the comfort of your own home or office, at a time that fits your schedule.

Once you have passed the NATE Core Certification exam, you will be ready for Step 3, the final group of courses that guide you through everything you need to know to pass your NATE Air Conditioning Specialty exam at the Service Level.  We’ve also included your EPA 608 Refrigerant Handling Certification Prep and Exam. A voucher code, good for (1) exam, will be provided to you for the NATE AC Exam AND a voucher code, good for (1) EPA 608 exam, and is included in your program.

There are several funding options and financing available. We do cater to paying in full so there is a discount for paying in full and not in installments. Mention that to your counselor in order to receive it.