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Learn a new tool or skill in an interactive, hands-on environment.

Get a Skill and Get Ahead with a career in
in-demand industries.


We offer a hybrid approach to training in: WeldingElectrician Pre Apprenticeship, HVACR Pre-Technician, Plumbing Pre-Technician, Solar Panel Installation Technician,  Construction, Carpentry, Machining, EV Charger Technicians, Robotics, and Facilities Maintenance.

Choose from career paths that are in demand* and explore your journey in a new career path.

Complete an enrollment interest form and set up an enrollment session to discuss which program has your interests. We would love to discuss what you want to accomplish, and your goals, and give you an introduction to our learning community.


Happily employed graduates

World Offices

Throughout the nation

Why KVT Training?

We are the leader in the 21st-century approach to education in the skilled trades. Training with us is immensely enriching through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities. We cultivate future industry leaders.

We offer several skilled trades training programs, CTE virtual training. We work with industry-grade equipment to give students the tools to gain an advantage in the workplace.

Here's our process:


Learn the latest in skilled trades at your pace.


In person labs and augmented reality practice.


Hands on projects and experience for the industry.

What do the students say about KVT Training:

Program Interest Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Both. We have in person classes and we have hybrid classes (online and in person). A good portion of the core classes pre recorded for the students to access at any time. This helps establish the students knowledge base. Students do their skills and knowledge checks online.

Hands on labs and instructions are in person at any one of our labs. Different courses have labs on different days. Open lab means a student can just come in at any time. Otherwise a student can make an appointment whenever they desire for lab.

Booking a lab session allows us to clean and maintain the space properly in a post covid 19 world and in anticipation for other outbreaks.

Yes (for some classes). We can mail a kit to you. We are currently working on a way for the courses to be completed through mail correspondence and the labs virtually with access to an instructor.

You can sign up to learn more information and when the program goes active we can inform you. Email us directly at and let us know that you are interested.

Yes. We are accredited through IACET. We have a relationship with NCCER. Our courses count for credits with NATE and have transferring CEU’s. 

Each certificate will tell you how much the course weighs 

The average student completes their course blocks within 10 -12 weeks. 

Most students have families and part/full time jobs while attending.

It depends on your work ethic and dedication to the program. Most students finish before the average timeframe.

No. It’s based on your schedule. You can log in whenever you want to stay on top of your course. We have schedules for labs but not for classes. 

This is our differentiator. We trust the student to handle their class materials and we focus on the labs and the hands on portion to make sure the student has the logic of the trade down packed and they can trouble shoot effectively.

No (in general). We have a case by case understanding where we can consider refunds but in general the answer is no according to our refund policy. We try to take extra precaution before allowing the students to enroll and sign up. You must follow the policy exactly to receive a refund. Otherwise you can submit a petition for one.

If there is an error or some negligence on our part as a company then we are the first to take ownership and take care our the return of finances but in general its the students decision to to homework and make sure this is the direction they want to go in. 

Please take the time to do due diligence and confirm all that we are sharing information and resource wise. Once the student has enrolled into the class there are no refunds given off general pretenses.

Students receive their certification of course completion. They receive a card from Osha for the safety handling. If enrolled in the HVACR course, they receive their epa 608 card and their nate id. In the students online portal is a list of every certification and the CEU weights they carry.

Yes. In our pre apprenticeship program you will learn the trade. In the actual apprenticeship program where you will be given a job through one of our networked companies. We work directly with out contact to make sure your hours are counted toward your journeyman. 

We do own an hvac and electric company. We do own a renovation company. We can work with the students to help get them on board and chasing down their hours toward their journeyman license and more.

Yes. In several ways. We work with several organizations who will fund you depending on your financial circumstance.

We also have a scholarship fund that all students can apply for. City of Zion is our non profit organization that regularly gives out rewards to our students. Open admission for application to the scholarship is available.

We are seeking our financial school code with our recent approval from the Department of Labor. By 2023 we expect to have a school code that students can use with fafsa applications.

Enrollment Session

Call us: 1.301.569.2714 and schedule a consult and get all your questions answered with the resources you need.